Air Source
Heat Pumps

Source Energy Solutions can help you reduce your energy costs and become more energy efficient with the installation of Air Source Heat Pumps.

What is an ASHP?

An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is an efficient renewable energy option for providing heat to a home or business, especially in rural areas. ASHPs are designed to draw ambient warmth from the outside air and use it to both warm a space and provide hot water. ASHPs are powered solely by electricity, making them cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Unlike more traditional heating systems, ASHPs require little maintenance and do not need routine checkups or annual tune-ups, making them a convenient way to heat your space.

What benefits does a ASHP bring?

Installing an Air Source Heat Pump is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses due to its renewable energy capabilities, cost savings, and environmental benefits. ASHPs tap into the external air to provide a highly efficient heating/cooling system without relying on traditional fuel sources such as natural gas, Oil or LPG. Operating ASHPs in rural areas with no natural gas line can reduce running costs when compared to Oil and LPG. Not only can ASHPs reduce energy costs, but they will also help contribute towards a cleaner future